Forget the gated communities, find your genuine home in Moshate Gardens, Rosslyn

Laughter lines, not luxury lines, define our streets. At Moshate Gardens in Rosslyn South Africa, community is the currency, and kindness is the key. Welcome to Moshate Gardens, where the rhythm of life beats to the tune of shared braais and open doors. Forget the sterile silence of gated communities. Here, children's laughter echoes through sun-drenched streets, and neighbors greet each other like family. We don't chase marble countertops, but we build memories that last a lifetime. Picnics in the open air, impromptu braais under starlit skies, and helping hands always reaching out – these are the treasures we hold dear. We're a tapestry woven from diverse threads, young and old, families and individuals, united by a shared love for our home. We celebrate each other's triumphs, lend a shoulder in times of need, and build a future where everyone belongs.

Peace, not luxury, is our true wealth. We find solace in the quiet hum of community, in the knowledge that we're never alone. This is a place where worries melt away with the warmth of a shared smile and the comfort of belonging.


Plant your roots here! Whether you're a young family seeking a safe haven or a seasoned soul looking for a genuine connection, Moshate Gardens welcomes you with open arms.


  • Step into a place where industry's might meets tradition's embrace. Feel the thrum of Rosslyn's motor manufacturing hub, home to giants like Nissan and BMW, yet find solace in the sprawling stories whispered by Soshanguve's ancient stones.

  • Wander streets where laughter echoes and smiles bloom like bougainvillea. Garakuwa's vibrant Tswana flair infuses every corner, painting our community with a tapestry of warmth and joy.

  • Moshate Gardens isn't just a place, it's a feeling. It's the scent of braai smoke mingling with the hum of factories, the rhythm of children's games set against the backdrop of progress. It's the clinking of glasses under starry skies, the comforting embrace of neighbors who become family.

  • Here, golden opportunities meet timeless wisdom. Build your future in the heart of Rosslyn's economic engine, while finding peace in Soshanguve's ancient wisdom. Raise your children where modern amenities dance with the spirit of Ubuntu.


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Join the chorus of laughter and the warmth of community in Moshate Gardens. Here, we don't just build houses; we build homes where families flourish and friendships thrive. Be a part of a neighborhood where peace is prized over luxury and where every smile is a testament to the strength of our unity. Invite others to experience the joy of Moshate Gardens. Share our story on social media, and let your friends and family know about the welcoming embrace of our neighborhood.


Share your story! We want to hear what makes Moshate Gardens special for you. Let your voice be heard and be part of our vibrant tapestry. Have a tale of Moshate Gardens spirit? Share it with us! Whether it's a heartwarming moment with a neighbor or a collective achievement, your story adds to the rich tapestry of our community.


In Moshate Gardens, we believe that true wealth lies in the friendships we forge, the laughter that echoes through our streets, and the genuine sense of belonging. Join us, and together, let's continue to cultivate a community where roots run deep and laughter rings true.

- Moshate Gardens Unisa Study Club

You see, at Moshate Gardens you can join a community group: From book clubs to gardening circles, there's a place for everyone. Connect with neighbors who share your interests and passions.